Guide to our Defibrillator cabinets - options and what you should consider.

Guide to our Defibrillator cabinets - options and what you should consider.

Defibrillator cabinets are not just used for display, they are an essential piece of equipment for a workplace or business in order to keep your defibrillator safely stored away. Not only do they offer effective storage, they also ensure your defibrillator does not get damaged which could be costly and more importantly, if not fixed or replaced could cost a life.

Our range of defibrillator cabinets ensure that when needed most, your defibrillator can be released and used. Giving peace of mind that you know exactly where your device is stored can save precious seconds to help a casualty in cardiac arrest.

Specifically designed for it’s purpose, each of our defibrillator cabinets are built to protect the equipment inside ensuring it will remain durable and well-kept in the event of an emergency. With a range of indoor cabinets to external cabinets and alarmed cabinets to wall cabinets, it is useful to know which product is best to purchase in order to best keep your defibrillator safe.

Indoor wall cabinets
Indoor wall cabinets are ideal for indoor environments such as retail where they can be well seen and easily accessed in the event of an emergency. Indoor wall cabinets for defibrillators, such as the DefiSign & AVIVA 100, are manufactured using a polycarbonate cover providing great strength and lightness making a robust cabinet that is easily accessed. Markings on the front of indoor wall cabinets such as this make it easy to understand by following the images that are displayed alongside instructions.

There are a variety of indoor wall cabinets available, all which are ideal for different environments and circumstances. For example, when needing a defibrillator cabinet in a smaller office, the Arky AED Perspex Wall Mount is your best option. It is extremely light, made of high quality Perspex, easy to mount and designed for compact defibrillators.

If you are looking for an indoor wall cabinet that is more robust and durable however, the AED Metal Wall Cabinet with Glass Door, may be a more suitable option. With an alarm that sounds instantly once the door is opened and with a toughened glass door, this indoor wall cabinet can keep your defibrillator safe as it acts as a security mechanism against any tampering. Of course, different environments will require storing your defibrillator differently such as in offices, schools, hotels or retail etc, but, this wall cabinet provides added protection if you feel it is needed.

External Defibrillator cabinets
Just like indoor defibrillator cabinets, external defibrillator cabinets are manufactured to an exceptional standard and with many available, you are able to opt for the best cabinet for you. It is fair to say that the main difference between an indoor and outdoor defibrillator cabinet is that outdoor cabinets need to be more robust as they have the weather to contend with. Considering this, the Difibsafe 2 Secure External Defibrillator Cabinet is a great option. Giving super protection from the elements, it is the only defibrillator cabinet in the UK that is IP66 rated and with the door being manufactured from the same material as riot shields, you know your defibrillator will remain safe and protected inside.

There are a range of outdoor cabinets available however and another that is great at keeping your product safe is the ARKY Outdoor AED Cabinet with Inlay & Alarm. If you need an outdoor cabinet that is weatherproof and lightweight, this is ideal for you. It is 100% dust and waterproof, is alarmed and lockable and protects from all types of weather giving you peace of mind to know that your defibrillator will remain safe.

Another option and ideal for use on the public highway for example, the Defiign & Aivia 210 Outdoor Wall Cabinet can protect your defibrillator from the cold and rain, has a thermometer controlled heater element and is strong and lightweight.

When deciding which cabinet is best for you, it is important to consider your environment. If needed indoors you should consider if you need added security or if strength and lightness is a more important factor. If you are looking at purchasing a defibrillator cabinet to be used outdoors, you should of course check how much the cabinet can protect your product from the elements. As well as defibrillator cabinets, we also supply backpacks, ideal for fast response and made in collaboration with first aid services.

Every defibrillator cabinet on our website is manufactured to the highest quality and are all designed for their specific purpose and defibrillator. It is important to keep your defibrillator stored safely in order to deliver the right emergency assistance to a casualty when they need it the most. Doing your research beforehand to find the right defibrillator case for you is important so that you can be sure it is stored safely for when you may need to use it.

25th Nov 2018 Christopher Maltby CW

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