Defibrillator Training - what you need to know

Defibrillator Training - what you need to know

Defibrillators are installed in thousands of locations nationwide including schools, offices, sports facilities, warehouses, local towns and supermarkets. They are used when someone suffers a sudden cardiac arrest. This occurs when there is an electrical fault with the heart which causes it to beat either irregularly, too fast or, too slow.
Defibrillators are designed to cleverly scan the heart’s rhythm to determine whether a shock is needed and if so will deliver one. It is this shock that helps that heart to start beating on it’s own once again at it’s natural pace.

The beauty of defibrillators is that they can be used by anyone. Specifically thought-out by scientists to be easy to use, they are renowned for their step by step, simple instructions which allow both medical professionals and lay-people to use them. This means that if you are a passer-by and someone suffers a cardiac arrest, it is really simple for you to follow the instructions to deliver care.

With this, you don’t need to worry about having defibrillator training before you use one. Most defibrillators have audio and visual guides that highlight the steps to take in order to help the patient. If you have an automatic external defibrillator (AED), it will even deliver the shock for you. If you have a semi-automatic defibrillator, all that is required is for you to press a button to deliver the shock when it notifies you.

When using a defibrillator it is important to remember that you cannot cause additional harm to the patient. Many people have concerns that using a defibrillator without training will result in more harm than good, this is not the case. A defibrillator will never deliver a shock unless one is needed. This provides ease of mind so you know that the steps you are taking are necessary and can save a life without the worry of if you are causing harm.
You can however, take part in defibrillator training if you wish as this is a helpful way to increase awareness around how they work. Practical CPR training with a manikin is preferable.

Any emergency healthcare situation is of course stressful, particularly when you are responsible for caring for someone. This is why many people opt for training via a manikin as it allows the trainee to gets hand-on experience, making it more realistic.

With this, the more a sudden cardiac arrests are talked about and the more training that is put in place, the less daunting it is when somebody is faced with an emergency.

There are a range of manikins on the market which are ideal for CPR training to effectively train people. With realistic features, training manikins allow users to learn how to correctly deliver chest compressions and how to give rescue breaths. They are also useful anatomically as they allow those learning to get a more accurate feel of where defibrillator pads should be placed.

We offer a range of CPR manikins including the award winning Brayden manikin which has an LED system to provide instant feedback of CPR performance as well as other market leading brands including Prestan, Ambu and Laerdal.
There are a range of training manikins available on the market which are suitable for any business or school’s training requirements. From entire CPR manikin sets which come complete with face shields and an airway management trainer to infant and baby manikins, you can find the appropriate training solution for you.

The practical aspect of training gives you peace of mind and the most accurate representation of how to respond to someone who is suffering a cardiac arrest.

Thankfully, defibrillators are specifically designed for easy use and so even if you do not have any training, you are still able to use one. We supply a wide range of cutting-edge defibrillators including the likes of Phillips, CU Medical, Zoll and Cardiac Science.

Overall, if you are with someone who suffers a sudden cardiac arrest and you are fortunate enough to have a defibrillator nearby, rest assured you can use one without training. If however, you would like that additional peace of mind, training manikins are extremely useful and allows everyone to receive a high level of training.

18th Feb 2021 Christopher Maltby CW

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