Community Defibrillators - The Benefits

Community Defibrillators - The Benefits

It felt like all of Europe watched or, has heard about the collapse that Christian Eriksen suffered at the Euro 2020s in Denmark’s game against Finland. After suffering a cardiac arrest, his heart had stopped and if it wasn’t for the fast acting team members and doctors around him who used a defibrillator, the story of his survival and recovery could have been very different.

Managing to save his life with just one shock, one of the two doctors who were on hand to help said, “He was gone. We started the resuscitation and we managed to do it. How close were we to losing him? I don’t know but we got him back after one [shock], so that’s quite fast.”.

Arguably, before this tragic event occurred, many onlookers wouldn’t have realised the importance of a defibrillator and how it can make the difference between life and death. A young, healthy, professional footballer with access to elite medical care fell ill before millions of people, something that is so unexpected. This highlights that a sudden cardiac arrest really can happen to anyone, at any time.

Since Christian Erikson suffered his cardiac arrest on the pitch, sales of defibrillators have increased ten fold. One defibrillator provider claims to have over 400 orders outstanding whilst another has seen an increase of 500% in sales.

As a supplier of defibrillators, our main aim is to ensure as many people are safe and protected as possible. With the quick response that Erikson received, it’s reassuring to see that more people are learning about defibrillators and how they save lives.

Having a defibrillator in your local community can do just the same for a passer by as it did for Christian Erikson. Located at your corner shop, park, local pub or hairdressers on the wall outside, a community defibrillator is there for anyone to use when in an emergency. They are often protected by a cabinet and can be easily accessed.

You may have a defibrillator in your local community already however, if you don’t there are a number of ways you can go about obtaining one. Charities such as The British Heart Foundation support local communities and can provide funding by simply applying online.

This method will not cover the full cost of a defibrillator however so, local fundraising is often a great way of raising money to cover the remaining cost. Galas, fun runs, bake sales, coffee mornings, fancy dress, face fainting, head shave, give it up and karaoke are all ways you can get your community involved in raising money to purchase a community defibrillator.

Providing peace of mind of mind to hundreds if not thousands of people in your community, a defibrillator can really make all the difference. With step by step guides for easy use, long warranties and lengthy battery life’s (lasting years), a community defibrillator would make a brilliant and safe addition to your town or village.

8th Aug 2021 Christopher Maltby CW

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