AED’s in Law Enforcement

AED’s in Law Enforcement

There are two reasons why a Police officer needs an automatic external defibrillator (AED). One, because they are often first to an emergency call out where a victim may very likely have suffered a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) and two, studies have shown that officers are often exposed to high stress levels and increased workloads meaning the chances of officers themselves suffering a SCA are also higher.

With SCA’s claiming 100,000 lives a year, the more knowledge about AED’s and how crucial they are to saving a victims life, the better. An AED is the only device that can help someone suffering from a SCA as they scan the hearts electrical rhythm and deliver a shock to restore it to it’s natural pace. Not having an AED to hand when someone suffers a cardiac arrest greatly decreases their chance of survival.

There are roughly 30,000 out of hospital cardiac arrests that occur every year. From this, 80% occur in the home and the remaining 20% in public spaces such as the shops, work, schools and sports facilities. If defibrillation is delivered in the first minute of someone falling ill, their survival rate jumps to an impressive 90%. With this, it is important to ensure you have the most appropriate AED for your environment. Police officers of course are not stationed solely in an office and are often posted out and about. Emergency calls can see them assisting in all over towns and cities meaning they need an AED that is trustworthy, robust and easy to use.

Powerheart AED’s are market leading defibrillators that are designed to save lives in an instant. Tested to intense military standards, the Powerheart AED G5 provides professionals and novices alike with confidence in an emergency. Ideal for those in the police force thanks to it’s ingress protection of IP55 meaning it can be used outside and it’s compatibility to be easily transported makes this ideal for officers on the move.

Clear and helpful voice prompts allow any user to adequately navigate the steps on the Powerheart G5 with it’s clever CPR feedback, fully automatic shock delivery and fast shock times making it truely stand above other AED’s on the market.

As not one SCA patient is ever the same, this clever AED also monitors the energy levels of each patient to adjust shock levels accordingly which is all backed be a trusted eight year guarantee making this Powerheart G5 AED ideal for law enforcement where officers are often busy and can be called to emergencies across a range of environments.

Thanks to the advanced technology in the Powerheart G5 AED, they also conduct self tests automatically daily, weekly and monthly to scan it’s own critical components such as the battery, software and readiness so that it is always ready to go. If anything's needs addressing with this AED, you will be alerted so that if used in the Police force, any officer can use it in an instant.

Not only does this AED comes with impressive self testing technology but, it’s rescue technology is also patented. Backed by research from first time responders, the Powerheart G5 AED eliminates user hesitation with a fully functioning shock delivery feature.

If a Police officer arrives to a scene before an ambulance or medical professional, they can be rest assured that with a Powerheart AED they have the power to save someone's life. Easily transportable, this AED can quickly retrieved from an officers car, ready to deliver life saving care all whilst being guided through the process through each step.

21st Nov 2019 Christopher Maltby CW

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