Why the SP1 Defibrillator by CU Medical is the Best in Class AED

Why the SP1 Defibrillator by CU Medical is the Best in Class AED

Used by medical professionals across the NHS, police forces and the fire service across the country, the iPAD SP1 AED is a tried, tested and trusted defibrillator. Chosen by the East of England Ambulance Service for its 1000 project and developed with the user in mind, the SP1 AED is used in schools, community groups and local authorities alike, trusted every time to save a life should the worst occur.

With an impressive time of six seconds from CPR to shock delivery, this AED works quickly to determine whether a shock needs to be administered and has an additional free extended warranty period from seven to ten years as they are built to last.

The iPAD SP1 AED uses clear and prompt verbal prompts to guide users through each step of the process whilst adjusting to background noise so that those delivering emergency care don’t miss any guidance. Designed so that it can be used by anyone in any situation, this AED also has clear illustrations that light up so that users not only have verbal assistance but, visual too.

Not only safe for use on adults but children as well, the SP1 AED has pre-connected dual electrode pads for use on both adults and children. Easily lifting a safety cover on the front, it can be switched to paediatric mode saving valuable seconds in an emergency.

As well as easily changing from adult to child mode, having clear instructions and fast CPR to shock delivery, the SP1 AED also carries out it’s own intelligent self checking for you to easily see if there are any faults that need addressing as well as indicating when the pads have three months worth of life left.

A nominated device by the British Heart Foundation, the lightweight and robust iPAD SP1 AED is a reliable and trusted defibrillator that can be used in a range of environments from workplace to schools and sports ground to in medical environments. Used by professionals and novices alike, this AED is an all round easy to use but more importantly life saving device that saves precious seconds in the event of an emergency.

28th May 2019 Christopher Maltby CW

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