​Why You Should Buy A Fire Training Simulator

​Why You Should Buy A Fire Training Simulator

Fire safety and training is an important part of a business or organisation, by law they are required to put procedures in place which help prevent a fire and provide a safe evacuation if there is one. Most businesses will have fire extinguishers in place, but how many staff member actually have experience using one.

To provide staff with all of the fire safety knowledge that they need, fire training simulators are the perfect resource.

1. Fire safety DVDs are a great resource for quickly training a large number of individuals on procedures that should be followed in the event of a fire. However, they do not provide the practical training that can help participants retain information and be more confident if ever confronted with a fire.

Fire training simulators allow for trainees to be faced with a real fire and see the way in which it acts and moves. Assessing the fire, the participants can then be trained on what the correct method is and corresponding equipment to put that style of blaze out.

2. Once a fire starts they can be unpredictable, dangerous and difficult to control, this is because they spread quickly and can produce dangerous fumes. Which is why, those who are learning to put out a fire using extinguishers, need to learn to do so in a controlled environment.

Our collection of fire training simulators allows trainers to be faced with a fire but within a safe and controlled environment. The simulators have been designed and manufactured to keep a fire within a certain area so that participants can learn how to put out a fire using a fire extinguisher without there being a treat to their life.

3. Not all fires are the same, there can be electrical fires, oil fires and gas fires, as well as a number of others. These different types can all act differently and require different extinguishers to put them out. If a wrong style of extinguisher is used, then this could lead to the fire accelerating, spreading further and becoming harder to control.

To ensure that anyone who may come into contact with a small fire is educated to which extinguisher to use and how it works, fire training simulators are available in a verity of designs.

Here at Risk Assessment Products, we supply 4 different fire training simulators, all of which are designed to help provide a real life, safe simulation of a fire, in a range of different scenarios. These include generic fire extinguisher training, bin fires, chip pan fires and fuel spill fires, all of which are designed to be safely lit, contained and put out using the correct equipment.

26th Sep 2018 Christopher Maltby JS

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