Why to choose the Philips HS1 defibrillator?

Why to choose the Philips HS1 defibrillator?

Defibrillators are a life saving medical tool that help anyone in an emergency if a victim is suffering from a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Having a defibrillator nearby should someone unfortunately suffer a SCA, saves precious seconds with all defibrillators being designed to be used by medical professionals and novices alike.

When a person falls ill due to a SCA, time is of the essence and acting quickly is of utmost importance. You must initially call the emergency services then, start delivering life saving care if a defibrillator is nearby to increase the risk of survival. Every minute wasted drastically reduces the chance of survival for any patient suffering from a cardiac arrest.

With a variety of defibrillators on the market it can be overwhelming and quite difficult to make an informed decision regarding which is the best defibrillator for you. The important thing to know is that all work to treat patients suffering from a SCA by monitoring the hearts rhythm and determining whether or not it needs to deliver a shock to help return it to it’s normal rhythm.

According to 2015 Official Resuscitation guidelines, automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) must be able to analyse and deliver a shock within ten seconds in order to be at their most effective. With only a handful on the market being able to deliver this, the Phillips HS1 Defibrillator stands out from the crowd. Boasting the latest shock technology, accurate analysis and a pace maker detector, the HS1 Defibrillator is a market leader.

Cleverly designed to be used on all surfaces, this AED ticks all of the boxes when it comes to meeting only the highest standards when comparing defibrillators. Pre-installed in it’s own carry case, it is easy to transport and is designed to be used by virtually anyone, even if they have don’t have any first aider training.

When an emergency happens, acting quickly is key. The HS1 defibrillator has easy step by step guides to calmly aid those delivering care so that the most effective medical assistance is given until the emergency services arrive. With the ease of use in defibrillators being closely linked to the rate of survival, the Phillips HS1 defibrillator has clear voice instructions as well as CPR coaching to guide the rescuer through the correct technique.

In fact, following a study into AEDs available on the market, it was found that the Phillips HS1 defibrillator ranked at the top for user friendliness throughout the entire study when looking at the impact of features that the AED offers when used by an untrained layperson.

Testing itself on average an impressive eighty five times daily, weekly and monthly, this AED ensures that it’s battery, electrodes and the unit itself are working in perfect condition so that should it ever need to be used, it is ready to go. With a battery life of four years on standby, an IP21 protection rating and a free rescue kit, the Phillips HS1 defibrillator stands above the rest.

An extremely important factor when considering defibrillators is that in the event of an emergency, they need to be easy to move around as the chances of someone suffering a SCA directly next to an AED are very slim. Being significantly lighter than other models, the HS1 defibrillator is lighter and easier to carry at 1.5kg making the rescue process that little bit easier.

Safely referred to as the most intuitive and user-friendly defibrillator in the world and the only FDA over the counter approved AED, you don’t need to look any further when in the market for a new defibrillator. Boasting so many impressive features with the highest technical specifications there isn’t an AED that can meet the impressive standards of the Phillips HS1 defibrillator.

2nd Jul 2019 Christopher Maltby CW

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