What Safety Measures Should I Take Regarding Workplace Vehicles?

What Safety Measures Should I Take Regarding Workplace Vehicles?

Every business has one or more pieces of equipment that they couldn’t be without, for an e-commerce company this might be their computers, or for a manufacturing business this would be their specialist machinery. If you are a delivery, public transport or mobile service then a vehicle may be the one thing that you couldn’t do without.

For those who are required to constantly be on the road for work, then there are a number of requirements that should be met in order to keep them safe. This includes elements such as the correct insurance, appropriate training and ensuring an appropriate first aid kit is within the vehicle.

As a first aid kit can be crucial in the event of a road accident, but also in less serious mishaps such as cuts, scrapes and burns, in February 2014, a new British Standard for vehicle first aid kits was released. This aims to improve safety for all UK motorists by equipping vehicles with a first aid kit scaled specifically to the size of the vehicle and number of passengers while providing the essential first response supplies needed to deal with a roadside incident.

Using the latest data, including accident and research statistics this new standard has been designed to meet the medical needs of road traffic victims. Components within the kits have been specifically selected for ease of use, and for coping with both minor and major road traffic accident injuries.

The kits are required to include equipment such as first aid guidance leaflets, resuscitation devices, dressings, cleansing wipes, gloves and plasters.

The first aid kit size requirements are as followed:

• Small Vehicle First Aid (max 3 passengers) - For moped, motorcycle, motor tricycle, and quadricycle.

• Medium Vehicle First Aid Kit (max 8 passengers) - For car, taxi, van, and truck.

• Large Vehicle First Aid Kit (maximum 16 passengers) - For minibus, bus and coach.

If your company provides a form of public transport such as public hire vehicles or taxis, then by law they are required to carry first aid kits. You should also note that the type and contents of these kits vary with the local licensing authorities.

Here at Risk Assessment Products, we supply all 3 sized first aid kits that are manufactured by the brand Motokit and are compliant to British standards. Being lightweight, portable and easy to store they are the perfect lifesaving addition to any vehicle and are available at competitive, discounted prices.

11th Jul 2018 Christopher Maltby JS

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