Launching the New Firechief Wildfire Equipment Range

Launching the New Firechief Wildfire Equipment Range

In the year 2018/2-19, fire and rescue services attended 576,000 fire incidents with 253 of these unfortunately resulting in 253 fatalities. With fires occurring in homes, work areas and public places every day, it is so important to ensure you have the appropriate tools to combat a fire should one occur.

With the increase of wildfires in 2019, the UK saw over one hundred large wildfires making it the worst on record. Caused by a number of factors such as unusually hot weather, barbecues and arson, fires can cause serious damage to property but more importantly endanger people’s safety.

Being equipped with the correct tools that will help in an emergency can make all the difference, this is where the Firechief Wildfire range comes in. Renowned for delivering exceptional quality fire safety products which range from fire extinguishers to safety blankets and hose reels to travel safety kits, Firechief also offer a wildfire range to compliment their fire beater. Fire beaters are a great way to put out general fires in open areas such as on grass with the industrial grade rubber helping to put the flames out. Although effective, an entire wildfire collection provides peace of mind that should you need it, you have the additional tools to help no matter what situation you come across.

Of course, if you come across a fire, your first step should always be to contact the emergency services. After this, and only if you truly believe that you can combat it, should you then start to try and put it out - if you feel that there is a danger to yourself or anyone nearby, leave the area and do not attempt to go near the fire.

Included in the Firechief Wildfire Equipment Range, is a variety of tools to help when needed. This includes a short firefighters axe with an impressive voltage resistance of 1000v, ideal if you need to break down any doors or walls along with a long firefighters axe with a heavy duty handle, designed to dig soil and chop wood.

Also included is a four-toothed forestry rake which has steel blades enabling you to cut through roots, bush and grass. It has easily removable blades so it can also be quickly cleaned for use again. This is also accompanied by a forestry rakehoe which has a two sided blade to cut branches and turf.

As a collection, this entire wildfire range is a great set of fire safety equipment to have should the worst happen. Always being prepared means that you can be ready for an emergency and have all of the tools you need to stop the spread of fire.

The number of wildfires in areas larger than 25 hectares last year has been greater than any other years previously with 2019 seeing 17,199 hectares being burnt. Showing that although it may not seem particularly common in the UK for wildfires to occur, they really can cause a threat but having the correct equipment nearby can make all the difference.

28th Jan 2020 Christopher Maltby CW

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