Watch Your Back - Manual Handling Training DVD

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Watch Your Back - Manual Handling DVD - More than a third of all workplace injuries result from manual handling activities. This DVD features the manual handling task performed in 4 different industries:

This DVD features the manual handling task performed in 4 different industries,

1. Office.

2. Warehouse.

3. Outdoors.

4. Factory.

The DVD opens with a dramatic scene in each location, which leads to the main protagonist being injured. Once the opening clips have played, the trainer will select which industry to watch during that training session. Each industry section of the DVD will look at the following,

1. How to prevent an injury.

2. How to assess the manual handling task.

3. What factors will affect the task including the load, the environment and the individual capability.

4. Correct positioning.

5. How to lift and lower the load effectively.

6. Pushing and pulling.

Made in a cutting edge style, Watch your Back - Manual Handling in your Workplace brings health & safety DVDs into the 21st century.

Ideal for every company, this DVD will enable you to train your office, warehouse and factory staff without the need for further training aids.

Included on the disc is a Manual Handling Assessment Form PDF which can be printed off and used to conduct risk assessments as required.

Running time: 15 minutes.

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