Rotaid PLUS Indoor Cabinet For Defibtech Lifeline AED's

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An automatic external defibrillator (AED) can make the difference between life and death. With AEDs working to help the heart return to it’s natural rhythm, they have saved the lives of thousands of people who have suffered from a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). They are however, useless if they are damaged or cannot be found in time which is why the Rotaid PLUS indoor cabinet is so great.

The Rotaid PLUS indoor cabinet from Defibtech is one of the most trustworthy AED cabinets on the market. Offering a robust and durable storage casing in it’s unique circular shape, it can be easily identified in an emergency meaning those giving life saving care can find the AED and equipment inside very quickly.

Not only is this AED cabinet recognisable thanks to it’s unique shape, the green tinted casing with yellow surround designed for easy gripping and the international AED logo helps it stand out from the crowd and can be easily spotted in any busy office, supermarket or sports facility.

Along with it’s unique shape and colouring, this AED indoor cabinet has external UV filters to ensure it’s appearance remains undamaged whilst providing great protection for the AED inside. Although a distinctive green, the polycarbonate case is translucent meaning your AED is visible at all times. With an IP54 rating, this indoor case is also great at protecting your AED from potential dust and spray.

As well as protecting your AED, the Rotaid PLUS cabinet also conveniently comes with a battery powered audible alarm system to alert passersby when the system is in use. The Rotaid PLUS indoor cabinet is also very easy to use being opened by a simple twist to remove the cover from the backplate.

Giving full access to the AED once opened, a nylon strap is all that holds the cover to the backplate, with the AED positioned inside on a safe metal stand. There aren’t any codes or alarms slowing down the process of getting inside this AED cabinet, when an emergency strikes this cabinet allows you to just grab and go. Every model within the Lifeline AED series and Lifeline VIEW Series can be cleverly stored in this cabinet with or without their carry cases with a steel hook attached to the bottom of the cabinet to hold a tag, seal or additional rescue accessory.

As well as being easily spotted and cleverly designed, the Rotaid indoor cabinet meets the highest of standards when it comes to sustainability thanks to it being constructed from recycled materials and as it is runs from a battery powered alarm system, a power socket is not required meaning installation is an easy process.
Rotaid PLUS Indoor Cabinet, Features & Benefits:

  • Clearly identified thanks to unique circular design
  • Robust with an IP54 rating against dust and spray
  • Alarm system in place once the door is opened
  • Compatible with a number of AEDs
  • Easy installation
  • Designed for indoor use
  • Good for the environment - made from recycled plastics
  • All fittings included
  • Can be used with both AED carry case or not
  • Fast identification thanks to the yellow outer colouring
  • Power not required as battery operated
  • Protected from vandalism with an IK10 (20 Joule) rating

Compatible AEDs include:

  • Lifeline AED / Lifeline Auto
  • Lifeline VIEW / Lifeline VIEW Auto
  • Lifeline ECG
  • Lifeline PRO
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Warranty Information

12 Months
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