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Physio-Control Lifepak CR-T Trainer

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  • AED trainer
  • Remote control
  • Training pads
  • Batteries
  • Carrying case.


The Physio-Control (Medtronic) Lifepak CR-T remote controlled trainer.

The CR-T mimics the appearance of the CR Plus and simulates actual operations of the CR Plus. The CR-T follows the simple operation of the CR Plus and
guides users through simulated analysis, energy delivery and prompted CPR intervals. All of its functions are programmable to simulate the full range of
scenarios possible during “real life” use of the LIFEPAK CR Plus defibrillator.

The CR-T enables you to run preconfigured training scenarios and to create dynamic custom scenarios of your own. Using a wireless remote control, you can
interrupt preconfigured routines to simulate events such as patient motion or electrode disconnection. The CR-T is a cost-effective training solution. It is powered by four standard D-cell batteries. The electrodes are affordable and reusable, and mimic the rapid access QUIK-PAK™ pacing/defibrillation ECG electrodes unique to the LIFEPAK CR Plus defibrillator.

The CR-T provides realistic and versatile training for all skill levels. It is designed to meet the needs of all trainers, for teaching both first time lay users and refreshing experienced emergency responders.

The LIFEPAK CR-T AED Training System: realistic, versatile, dynamic, easy to use, and developed by trainers for trainers.

This AED trainer provides 12 resuscitation scenarios with new ERC 2010 guidelines. It allows you to pause and resume the resuscitation program, which allows the trainer to change the pace of the training course. It's also possible to skip or return to steps in the program.

Simulates the automatic and semi-automatic CR plus models.

Physical Characteristics:
Height : 10.7 cm (4.2 in)
Width : 20.3 cm (8.0 in)
Depth : 24.1 cm (9.5 in), excluding handle
Weight : 1.9 kg (4.1 lb), with batteries.

Remote Control:

  • Transmission: Wireless infrared signal. Range: 3 meters
    (10 ft) maximum. 82 in (2 meter) optional cable attachment.
  • Size: 4.57 cm x 8.4 cm x 1.6 cm (1.8 in x 3.3 in x .6 in)
  • Weight (without batteries): 36 gm
  • Batteries: 3 volts supplied by two AAA alkaline batteries.

Includes carry case.

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