Physio-Control Lifepak CR Plus Semi Automatic AED

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  • Physio-Control Lifepak CR Plus Semi Automatic AED
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Designed for use for the first responder to someone suffering from a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), the physio-control Lifepak CR semi automatic AED is unlike any other AED on the market. With many defibrillators being rather complex and difficult to follow, particularly for novices, this AED is worlds apart. With simple, yet trusted, advanced technology this Lifepak CR plus AED combines helpful guidance, a two-step operation and the capability to escalate to 360 joules when needed to ensure both patient and rescuer are in safe hands.

Trusted by emergency medical professionals, the Lifepak semi-automatic AED takes just three steps to deliver a shock meaning the level of care is second to none when it comes to administering quick and effective aid.

Equipped with ADAPTIVE biphastic technology, like all Physio Control AED’s, the energy level can adjust automatically to the energy level that is required for the victim. Such advanced technology ensures that if the heart does not respond to the first shock administered, the AED can provide additional shocks up to the level of 360 joules.

An AED for anyone
Sudden cardiac arrests can happen to anyone, at any time. That means when you are on your daily commute, at work, playing football or going shopping, effectively anyone you meet could suffer from a SCA without any prior warning. This means that people have to act fast and it most certainly doesn’t mean that whoever is around is well versed in delivering CPR or using a semi automatic AED. That’s where this AED comes in. Drastically improving survival rates, having a Lifepak CR Plus semi automatic AED acts as a critical resource and guidance for anyone using it, professional or not.

Analysing the cardiac rhythm, the internal computer allows anyone who doesn’t have any medical training to give lifesaving treatment with the simple touch of a button. The battery/electrode system is durable, light weighted and requires little maintenance.

With a clear display, the AED shows it’s status with simple symbols and the quick-pak stimulation, defibrillation and ECG electrodes are easy and quick to use. This is thanks to the unique handle and reports in written and graphic form with the electrodes also being compatible with all devices and connectors that use quick-combo technology.

For an after care assessment, this Lifepak AED registers ECG data for wireless transmission to a computer through an IrDA infrared output and the data storage and transfer method is the most innovative in the AED market making the use of PC cards obsolete.

Information from these transfers can be downloaded and stored in either the LIFENET DT Express information management system or the CODE-STAT Suite medical information system thanks to the user friendly software.

What's included:

  • Physio Control CR Plus Semi Automatic AED
  • 8 years warranty on the AED
  • 1 battery unit
  • 2 sets of electrode pads
  • Manual
  • Free Rescue kit including:
    • Breathing mask with oxygen connection
    • Pair of scissors
    • disposable gloves
    • 2 disposable razors
    • 2 alcohol wipes for disinfection
    • 2 tissues
  • Free AED logo sticker
  • Free registration in our database for periodic replacement of batteries and electrodes
  • Free delivery with UPS.



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All the defibrillators and AED's we supply are easy to use, self test and whilst users can be safe in the knowledge they cannot get shocked in error by touching the patient during defibrillation.

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8 Years - AED Unit
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