Philips Heartstart HS1 paediatric electrode pads

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Sudden cardiac arrests (SCA’s) occur when there is an electrical fault in the heart, causing it to involuntarily stop or for it to beat irregularly. These can happen to anyone at anytime regardless of age, gender or ethnicity. This, unfortunately means that children sometimes fall ill due to suffering a cardiac arrest and if not treated instantly, they mostly result in death.
In the UK, 270 children suffer fatal SCA’s all of which can happen at school, home, the shops or when playing sports. Having a defibrillator nearby can make the difference between life and death, with defibrillators scanning the hearts rhythm and delivering a shock should one be needed.
In order to ensure the correct shock level is administered however, paediatric electrode pads are much safer for use on children. Paediatric electrode pads adjust the energy levels accordingly so that they can be used on children under the age of eight or who may weigh less than 25kg.
Suitable for use with the Phillips Heartstart HS1 AED Defibrillator, these electrode pads reduce the energy level from 150J to 50J making them extremely safe for use on children. As thankfully, it is quite rare that defibrillators need to be used, it is easier for it to go unnoticed if items go out of date. This can cause a problem when it comes to electrode pads, so having an additional pair of paediatric electrode pads or knowing well in advance when a new pair needs ordering means that if a child does suffer a SCA, they will not be let down by out of date electrodes.
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