Philips Heartstart FR2 Adult Electrode Pads

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Defibrillators are designed to save lives when someone suffers a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). When this happens, there is an electrical fault with the persons heart causing it to stop beating or beat irregularly. With this, a defibrillator scans the heart’s electrical rhythm to determine whether a shock is needed and if so, will deliver one.
For defibrillators to work however, electrode pads must be attached to the patient’s chest and once they have been used once, must be disposed of. For this reason, ensuring you have an additional pair of electrode pads means you are ready for any eventuality.
Disposable, self-adhesive and with a connector for the defibrillator, this pack contains one pair (two pads) and comes with an impressive five year guarantee meaning that you have a long shelf life so don’t need to worry about it going past it’s sell by date anytime soon.
Designed to save lives, a defibrillator is a great medical tool to have at any public place whether it be offices, schools, sports facilities or shops but, they are of course of no use without the appropriate electrode pads. To keep peace of mind, ensure you stock up on yours so if you ever encounter an emergency, you will be prepared.

  • 5-year life span
  • Self-adhesive
  • Disposable after use
  • Compatible with the Phillips HeartStart FR2.
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