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Laerdal Manikins

Laerdal Manikins

Cardiac arrest doesn’t just affect adults, so why should training through CPR manikins be limited to this age group? To ensure that trainees are provided with the highest level of training that can be transferred across a range of suffers, Laerdal has created a range of adult and baby CPR manikins that are realistic, affordable, durable and transportable.

As the way in which rescue breaths and chest compressions differ when providing CPR to adults and children, Laerdal allows those differences to be experienced and administrated through realistic training. Once training is complete, effective and lifesaving CPR treatment will be able to be used confidently to any age group.

As well as single baby and adult CPR manikins, we also supply a range of skin colour manikins and multi-packs, so no matter your needs, we have you covered.

If you have any questions regarding our Laerdal adult and baby CPR manikins, then please send our team an email at