Home Defibrillators

Home Defibrillators

There are so many defibrillators on the marketing meaning it can become quite overwhelming when trying to determine which is the best for you. With defibrillators designed for almost every environment such as schools, offices, local towns and villages, sport facilities or even defibrillators that can be used up mountains, how do you know where to even begin looking?

Considering where you need your defibrillator for will give you the best start when it comes to deciding which option is best for you. Many people decide to buy a defibrillator for their home either for peace of mind or if them or someone they live with has a heart condition.

Home defibrillators are a great addition to any households health and safety check. They ensure should someone suffer a sudden cardiac arrest, you have the correct equipment on hand to help. As your defibrillator will be stored at home, you don’t need to worry about opting for something that is weather repellent or heavy duty. Home defibrillators are often lightweight and portable.

Having something that is easy to carry means a home defibrillator can also be handily transported in the car, giving additional protection. As only 1 in 10 people survive a sudden cardiac arrest and because 85% of these occur outside of hospital, more and more people are purchasing defibrillators for their homes. There are a range on the market which are suitable for home storage and used. Some leading brands include Zoll, Phillips and Heartsine.