Fire Safety in Residential Care Homes DVD - Training Information Pack

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This Fire Safety information pack is specifically targeted at Residential Care Homes and provides all the materials you’ll need to deliver effective staff training on fire safety. It contains the DVD itself, as well as training aids to ensure that the video and any additional teaching has been successful.

This information pack has been specially developed with Residential Care Homes in mind. It applies fire safety protocol to scenario areas that are specific to care homes and care home employees.  

The Fire Safety training includes: How to spot general hazards, what to do in the event of a fire, evacuating those with restricted mobility, escape plans and routes, how to use fire extinguishers safely in the event of a fire.

Training aids, such as quiz sheets and certificates make this more than a video that employees will watch and forget, transforming it into an achievement they will want to learn. This also helps to demonstrate whether staff have taken in the information.

Running time:
33 minutes

•    Fire Safety in Residential Care Homes DVD
•    Fire Safety in Residential Care Homes Presentation
•    Fire Safety Trainers Handbook
•    Fire Safety Quiz Sheets
•    Fire Safety Course Completion Certificates.

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