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This COSHH DVD gives guidance on steps both employers and employees must take to prevent exposure to hazardous substances.

The latest edition of this DVD includes changes in the labelling system and the most commonly used symbols.

DVD Contents:
•    Changes made to the Labelling System and the Most Common Symbols
•    Preventing accidents involving
•    Personal Protective Equipment
•    How to Work with Chemicals Safely
•    How to Store Chemicals Safely
•    Main Factors to Consider when Controlling Hazardous Substances
•    Exposure Limits for
•    What To Do In an Emergency
•    Contains COSHH Assessment PDF which can be printed off and used to conduct risk assessment.

Run Time: 14 Minutes.

Why Do I Need A Coshh Training DVD?

This DVD covers substances that are harmful to health, including Fumes, Dusts, Vapours, Mists, Nanotechnology, Chemicals, Gas, Biological Agents and Diseases.

These substances should be treated with great care in the workplace, with some requiring specific treatment and protocol. Some of these substance pose a real threat to your employees health and wellbeing.

In this DVD you’ll find 14 minutes of educational training material focussed on the labelling, commonly used symbols, advice on how to prevent accidents, what to wear when dealing with them, how to store them properly, considerations when dealing with harmful substances, limits to employee exposure and how to react to an emergency.

You will also find a PDF which can be printed and used as a risk assessment form. This allows you to perform a full COSHH Assessment of the workplace in question.

If you’re looking to educate and inform your employees and ensure your commercial property complies with current COSHH regulations, this DVD is exactly what you are looking for.

Don’t leave it to chance, protect your business from accidents involving hazardous materials today, with this easy to use, informative and educational DVD.

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