Workplace Safety Training Information Packs & DVD Aides

Workplace Safety Training Information Packs & DVD Aides

When it comes to health and safety in the workplace, ensuring that staff are sufficiently trained and able to follow the correct procedure is highly important. Which is why we have a number of products that are perfectly suited to the job, such as our range of health and safety, fire safety training information packs.

These packs are made up of 6 different collections that can revolutionise the way that staff are taught health and safety in their place of work. They are a cost-effective, professional and comprehensive training method, that uses easy to follow, step-by-step guides that and can be carried out at a convenient time and place.

Included within each pack is a training DVD, a PowerPoint presentation and accompanying trainer's handbook, which are the materials used to deliver an effective training session, no matter the pupils learning style. Whilst a quiz and certificates ensure that participants have fully understood the content and are rewarded for doing so. Making these packs the perfect all-round, reusable office resource.

We stock the following safety training information packs:

Fundamentals of Health and Safety
To help train staff in health and safety essentials in a range of different situations, this training pack is ideal. The DVD and PowerPoint will look at topics such as how to report an accident, risk assessment and how to lift heavy objects correctly.

Fire Safety in Residential Care Homes
Developed specifically for the residential care sector, this training information pack looks at the specialist precautions that need to be put in place to keep the elderly safe.

Fire Safety Awareness
Our fire safety awareness training pack is a best seller and provides trainees with an overview of workplace fire safety and evacuation procedures. All of which is highly important and can help save lives in the event of a blaze.

Role of the Fire Warden
In a business, current regulations state that number of staff need to be prepared to assist in evacuating premises and take responsibility for using the firefighting equipment provided. To help train these members into becoming fire warden this pack can be utilised.

Fire Safety in Healthcare Premises
Developed specifically for those working within the healthcare sector, the pack has been tailored to focus on fire hazards and precautions that they may have to take. This includes evacuation, false alarms and action in the event of a fire.

Fire Safety in Schools
To ensure that pupils are kept as safe as possible in the event of the fire, this training pack is filled with information that is specific to a school environment and looks at the precautions and actions that should be taken.

No matter your health and safety needs, here at Risk Assessment Products we have you covered. We supply some of the best brands on the market at discounted prices, so why not view our collection today.

15th May 2018 Christopher Maltby JS

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