AED Trainer IPAD NF1200 Trainer with Remote Control

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  • i-PAD NF1200 Semi-Automatic AED Trainer
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The i-PAD NF1200 Trainer AED is designed to mimic the operations of the i-PAD NF1200. When you turn on the trainer it gives voice instructions that guide the user through the rescue process and simulates functions of the i-PAD NF1200 such as charging and shock delivery.

i-Pad Trainer NF1200 features:

  • 8 standard rescue scenarios that are in accordance with current guidelines.
  • On/Off Button
  • Shock Button
  • Clear Voice Prompts
  • i-button for help with CPR
  • Reusable training pads
  • Complete training solution
    (Simulate all the functions and operation of the i-PAD NF1200)
  • Powered by six AA batteries

It can be used with any brand of resuscitation manikin (no special adaptors are required). Comes complete with a standard infrared remote control, making it easy for an instructor to use from a distance.

The i-PAD NF1200 Trainer is designed for use during Advanced Cardiac Life Support training, Basic Life Support training and helps users become confident in the use of an automated external defibrillator. 

The i-PAD NF1200 Trainer is not intended for use during actual rescue operations as it does not deliver a live shock!


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